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The Skin Care Clinic

Address: Hobart, TAS 7000

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The Skin Care Clinic, based in Hobart is run by registered nurses experienced in skin care and passionate about their holistic approach to creating with you the healthiest skin for you; which also looks and feels fantastic. Please note that from May 2012 there are no client bookings being taken although ALL products are available via the website. If you register for our newsletter you will be informed when appointments recommence; it is not expected until December 2012 at the earliest.

The Skin Care Clinic offers scientifically proven skin care solutions for women and men of varying skin types. We only use products that have no known nasty chemicals, no fragrances and no preservatives.

The on-line skin advisor and Science pages on the web page will help you to amke the choices...

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Our Team Profiles

Gaye Thomson Name

Gaye Thomson


manager, registered nurse & skin advisor

Year Joined



Gaye has extensive experience in successfully treating skin concerns and she prides herself on giving the best in service in a professional manner. She believes passionately that we will get the best results when we approach skin care in a holistic manner, using products which are scientifically proven, of medical strength, with no known nasties and are preservative and fragrance free. she sees the difference every day!





Acne is no simple matter to treat!


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by The Skin Care Clinic.

CV , Hobart

 I found you to be very professional,kind,punctual and in general JUST WONDERFUL!!

When I say ' professional' I mean the fact that I could trust your advice of the needed treatment and also your impeccable techniques and choices for me.

Again a big TX U,

Anna , Hobart

I have been seeing Gaye over the past few months; I’m a 4th year health student who has been struggling with acne over the past 6 years. No matter how many different off the shelf skin products I tried and how frustrated I became I haven’t had as much success with my skin as when I started seeing Gaye at the skin care clinic. After a consultation with Gaye a program was developed for my individual skin and lifestyle. In the beginning Gay added a couple of products to my existing skin care routine and when my existing products ran out I was given the option to change over to a new set that were better suited to my individual skin type and properties. I appreciated that I was given the opportunity to use up my existing skin products, as nobody likes to throw money away. I am currently on a individual program designed by Gaye that involves 6 products twice a day, I know that 6 products sounds like a lot and it would have been at the start but Gaye eased in the new products a couple at a time always giving me options and justification for each of the products purposes. My skin routine doesn’t take me very long as I wash my face cleanse, put on my combination of 3 products and by the time that I have gone and had breakfast or done something else its time for me to moisturise before leaving for work or uni. Gaye is a person who not only understands how a person’s skin works but about the personal, social and emotional importance attached to having beautiful and healthy skin. I know that for years I have struggled with the way that my skin looked and now that I am seeing results with a much healthier looking skin I am so much more confident.

CM , Hobart

I really look forward to my visits to the Skin Care Clinic, and feel that Gaye is genuinely interested in spending the time with me. Not only is my skin benefiting from my new regime of skin care, but so is my bathroom shelf. I have been decluttered of the hodgepodge collection of cleansers and moisturizers that I had previously amassed."

Jo , Hobart
I have been seeing Gaye for a few months now in preparation for my wedding in December. Gaye has restored my faith in the skin care industry in that short time. After a series of failed skin care regimens, I visited Gaye in the hope she would be able to get me on track. And that she's done. Today a child in my grade 1 class commented on how soft and smooth my skin was - and you know how honest kids are! I commend Gaye for her professional and thorough approach which is supported by her ongoing research into various products and treatments. I would recommend her to anyone who has been hunting for someone who is able to develop an effective skin care regimen using products of exceptional quality. Thanks Gaye!
DR , Hobart

I first visited Gaye at the Skin Care Clinic a little over 12 months ago. I had been debating for some time whether or not to have some non-surgical treatments for frown lines between my eyebrows and something to help soften my sad looking mouth. After discussing my options with Gaye I have had Botox on my frown lines and Juvederm filler around my mouth. I am so happy with the results. It was a big decision to have the treatments but they have made such a difference I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Gaye has also got me back on track with a great range of skincare products to use at home and my skin is looking and feeling so much softer and hydrated.

J E , Hobart
Over the years I have tried many products, with the same result, red inflamed uncomfortable skin. I visited the skin care clinic for one of their informative, information and demonstration skin care nights in 2004 and found the products and help I needed for better looking and feeling skin. I suffer from rosacea and pigmentation and with Gaye’s professional guidance my skin has not only improved in the last 6 years but looks and feels so much better than it ever has, and I’m 6 years older. I always feel comfortable when I visit the skin care clinic and I know I’m in good hands, therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Gaye for her friendly professional advice and products. Thanks Gaye for your ongoing great advice and exceptional products that work.
Jane , Hobart
I thought I would share the wonderful experience you have given me over the last for 4 years. Before I discovered The Skin Care Clinic I suffered from dry skin and had tried everything on the market for sensitive skin but without any success and as I suffer from multiple allergies I need to be careful with what is in the products. Right from the very start you made me very comfortable, was not pushy and was only too happy to take the time to actually listen to my concerns and needs. I have used the products from The Skin Care Clinic for 4 years now and the improvement to my skin is amazing when I moisturise the product lasts the day not just a feel good feeling for the first few minutes after it is applied. My days of trying everything new on the pharmacy shelf for sensitive skin are over, Gaye you are truly a talented and knowledgeable lady who actually cares about the client even to opening on one Saturday a month for people like me who work and can’t get to you during normal business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

If i cannot see a skin advisor how do i know what products to start with? Try one of our kits. If you are in your teen years we recommend the Aspect Teen kit specificaly formulated for changing hormonal skin whether really dry or oily. if you are older try the Aspect Dr Sterter kit; this suits all but the very sensitive and reactive skins in all ages. Please read the skin advisor and Science pages on the website to truly understand how these brilliant product work and what to expect from them. You will also be advised what products to move onto when your kit has finished. and never hesitate to email us a query.