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J9 Hair Lounge

Address: Shop 1/890 Canning Hwy Applecross WA 6153


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Style changes and hair is personal. At J9 Hair Lounge you will be treated to the tradition of a beautiful, modern salon with a uniquely luxurious and friendly atmosphere.

Salon Profile

  • This location has been a salon for over 20 years.
  • J9 Hair lounge has been here for 3 1/2 years.
  • We use and stock Loreal Professional products.
  • We stock morrocan oil products
  • We like to give our clients a fun friendly atmosphere where anyone would feel comfortable.
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Business Hours

Tuesday 9:00am to 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 8:00pm
Thursday 9:00am to 5:30pm
Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Amex
  • Visa
  • Mastercard


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by J9 Hair Lounge.

Sylvia , Applecross
It's always a pleasure to visit J9 Hair Lounge. The staff are friendly and extremely professional, they always run on time which is so important when life is so busy. Our whole family, including our 20-something sons come for a pamper and a "do"! So glad we have found this unique salon.
Helen , Bullsbrook
I am more than willing to travel 20km to come to J9's. Once you find a great hairdresser and salon it is so worth the trip. The friendly, knowledgeable staff make the visit to Applecross a pleasant one.
Rhonda , Adross
I am extremely happy with my hairdresser. It is good to feel confident about who cut and colours your hair. I have been a very satisfied client for almost 3 years and have enjoyed the friendly interaction with all at the salon.
Debbie , Applecross
You walk in the door of J9 and you feel like a new women. Whether it be styling, a colour, cut or products the attention to detail is exceptional. Janine and her staff are very accommodating and professional. I have been attending the salon since its inception, and have referred many family and friends.
Sam McManus , Leederville
J9 Hair Lounge led by owner Jannine Fawkes has done the hair for the International Tennis Stars for the New Years Eve Hopman Cup Ball for the last three years. Jannine and her team have relocated out to Burswood and into the rooms of superstars including; Serena Williams and this year did an amazing job on Ana Ivanovic, Alicia Molik, Laura Robson just to name a few, and some spectacular photos are attached to showcase the results. The feedback not only from the players but also the social pages around Perth has been sensational. Jannine’s creative talent and efficient work coupled with some fabulous L’Oreal products have helped made the Hopman Cup Ball become an even more spectacular event. Sam McManus General Manager Hyundai Hopman Cup

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Backcombing Height.... To get more height out of your hair style you need two things, A fine toothed comb and hair spray. Take the section you would like to have more height and tease the hair just at the root area, compacting the hair into the scalp. Spray with the hair spray. Repeat if the hair still feels floppy at the roots. once you have done all the teasing bring the hair back down in the direction you want it to sit and gently smooth it down until you get the desired amount of height you are after. How to Change a Parting.... To change your part you have to be consistent. Find the new part you would like, wet the hair and place a small clip to hold it in place. You have to do this every day to train the hair to go to the new part. You can try blow-drying into the new part but you may also need to keep a clip in it for a while until it gets used to it. How to Trim you fringe..... Part your hair down the middle, comb each side till the short fringe pieces fall down, comb the rest of your hair out of the way or tuck behind your ears. Comb the fringe hair forward and hold between two fingers never pulling the hair down tight as this will cause too much tension and the hair will bounce back shorter. With the scissors make small triangular shapes to the new length of your fringe, this method will stop it looking too blunt on the ends. Blow dry like normal. How to Get More Time Out Of Your Blow Dry..... To get the most out of your blow-dry or ghd styling get a satin pillow case and use every night. This will stop the hair from messing up and becoming knotty. The smooth surface of the satin will keep the style smooth. A few more tip are... don't run your hands through your hair too much, the oil from your hands will go on your hair. Do not have hot showers, the steam will make the blow-dry drop out. Stay away from any type of moisture. Do not use a lot of product when styling the hair, the more you start with the faster it is going to get dirty. How to Maintain Healthy Hair...... Using a professional brand of shampoo and conditioners is the easiest way to look after your hair. Depending on the hair type you should not need to wash your hair every day. Once to twice a week is enough. By using a deep conditioning treatment once a week will keep the hair natural moisture levels even and help colour last longer and prevent split ends. How to Treat Head Lice..... When treating head lice there is never such thing as being too thorough. Start by finding a product that suits you. Whether it be chemical or natural, you can find a lot of choice in your local pharmacy. Follow instruction on packet and use a very fine toothed comb to go through the hair section by section. You must also remove and bed linen, towels a clothing the person may have come in contact with and disinfect them all. A great way to do this is with very boiling hot water. Notify any other people that have been in contact with this person and recommend them to do the same to prevent it from spreading. How to Treat a flaky scalp..... Most people think that a flaky scalp is dandruff. In most cases it isn't and the scalp is just dry and flaky. A great way to treat this is before you wash your hair brush the scalp with a brush that has a lot of bristles. Use the brush in a scrubbing motion to lift the dry scalp. Use either your normal shampoo or if you have on a medicated shampoo concentrating on the scalp. When applying the conditioner, apply it to the scalp first and massage in. This will moisturise the scalp and help prevent it getting any worse. How to remove build up from the hair If you don't have a deep cleansing shampoo at home, mix a small amount of Bi Carb Soda in with your normal shampoo. Repeat the process and follow with conditioner and a leave in moisturiser. Its essential that you follow through with a good conditioner and leave in because this process can make the hair feel dry. Use this technique when you feel the hair has any type of product build up. It would not be advised to do this more than once a week. If you have chlorine build but, try to do this process straight after swimming. *note* this may cause some colour fade.