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Identified Hair

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32a Kennard St, Kensington WA 6151

Also Services: Kingsford, St James, and Waterloo

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Business Overview

We do outstanding hair!


3 Customer Reviews

The salon is awesomely cool, relaxed and professional : ) Rhi Rhi is creative, innovative and puts you at ease and i recommened to all : ) i been a delighted client for the best part of 4 years and would not trust any other professional with my hair more then her : ) xox
will never leave Jude and her crew!! Amazing, brilliant work!! fabulous environment, excellent customer service, excellent products, - wonderful people!!!!!
awesome crew! real relaxing atmosphere. best cut and colour ive ever had. deffinitly going back.

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Our Team Profiles

Chelsea Morgan

Chelsea Morgan


Junior Stylist


I am currently in my 2nd year of hairdressing and i'm loving it! The clients and people who i work with make my apprenticeship so enjoyable and worthwhile. I can't wait to expand my knowledge, hairdressing skills, and my clientelle, so i can be doing hair everyday!

This year i have helped and participated in a few events. In June i entered my first competition, The Kaaral Awards, I got to use creativity and produce an avante garde up do in half an hour! This was an amazing experience, and I can't wait for next years comp! This year i also assisted in doing hair for First Comes Love bridal fair in September, I also asisted in the graduation night of certificate 8 in hairdressing for my boss Jude, this was an exciting night and really inspired me in alot of ways.

I have also attended a few training seminars to further my skills this year, including going to Queensland in April to learn from some of the industries best on the newest cutting and colouring techniques. I also attended a baliage course to learn all the new tricks!


Rhianon Norman

Rhianon Norman


Senior Colourist


hiya! I have been in the hairdressing industry for 8 years. Im a colourist and i love what i do! Hair is a really expressive way to show who you are. its such an amazing time to be in the industry! vintage, street, classic pretty, its all in! anything goes and its never a dull day!

In 2010 i entered my first unassisted hair competition "Evolution" and placed 2nd. This resulted in a trip to Hair Expo in Sydney. It was such a fun experiance , learning from the best in the world. My model was also in SCOOP magazine to advertise the salon. In 2013 i entered the live stage competition 'Kaaral Awards' and won the peoples choice award earning me my first trophy! and now im hooked!

I've entered 3 hair photoshoot competitions, 1 live stage competition, assisted behind the sceens in 6 photoshoots and modeled in 2 shoots. Photoshoots are my favourite part of hairdressing. i love how creative and individual each image can be. I've also started learning how to do special effects makeup. the idea of being able to create every aspect of a look has always appealed to me, to have that moment frozen in time, that single shot telling a story.

2013 has been an action packed year! early October i was the head stylist for the First Comes Love bridal fair working with Loui Col Designs for the third time, the first time was for 'Kakoda for a cure' charity fundraiser in April, and again for the Loui Col spring collection photoshoot earlier this year. the dresses were stunning! i love bridal hair, its such an honor to be a part of someones special day an making their fairytale come to life. i love the direction bridal hair is headed, whats old is new again but whats really exciting is the little rebellions against your textbook wedding, bolder hair colours and styles, coloured dresses, candy bars and cupcakes its all so fun and unique! being involved in the madness is such a blast!

August saw the realese of Kaarals new amonia free hair colour where i got to assist colouring the models and be a model myself! these colours are beautiful and it was such a fun day!

In November i was lucky enough to assist Jude in the first certificate 9 in hairdressing! She now holds the highest qualification in Australia! it was an amazing experience to be involved in. I also got to go to the Gold Coast to assist in seminars and a dinner show and learn the tricks to the trade from the most amazing stylist iv'e ever met!

Since working with Jude i feel as though my eyes have have finally been opened to the limitless world that is hairdressing. Theres so much to learn and i cant wait to see what im truely capable of..

Judith Dierden

Judith Dierden




Jude is the founder and owner of Identified Hair. She loves to transform the everyday woman into a fashion goddess. She currently is working with the colour company we stock, traveling around the country teaching other hairdressers. Her most recent awards are 1st place IHS Senior Ladies Cut and 3rd Open Ladies High Fashion Colour.  Training at Vidal Sassoon in London in 2011 has been a carreer highlight.

This year Jude is a stage artist for Kaaral's national conference on the Gold Coast.  And back to London to learn from the worlds best in October.


Hairdressing duo's hair flair thrives

Local hairdressers Dale Brierty and Jude Dierden are passionate about their industry.

Learning from London's best

Hairdresser Jude Dierden says it was a career highlight to attend an advanced training course in London.

Hairdresser takes her cut

Cut-and-dried opportunity: hairdresser Jude Dierden hopes to break into the international market with her skills.

Gabrielle a cut above the rest

Gabrielle Armstrong won five apprentice hairdresser awards.

Identified Hair

Identified Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it when I call your salon to make an appointment I sometimes get an answering machine?

When we are working on our clients we keep our focus on them. We try to get to the phone as often as possible. If you do get the answering machine please leave your name, your number and a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. (unless closed for holidays)

Why do some appointments take so long in some salons and not others?

Different colour brands take different time frames to achieve the same result. This is due to different ingredients being used. More elite brands and natural colours use high quality and natural ingredients rather then cheaper synthetic ingredients. This means the colour is gentler and will take longer to get the result, but will also be better for your hair and scalp.

We love what we do here at Identified Hair, so, if your colour needs extra time to develop so it is exactly what you wanted and it lasts, we do leave it as long as it needs. In general most haircuts take 1 hour here.  Most cut and colour clients are in the salon for 2.5 - 3 hours. Yes it takes time to achieve a beautiful result.

What ingredients in products do i have to watch out for that could cause problems eg: colour not lasting, fried hair, weird tones..

This is usually in the small print if mentioned at all.


This is a HUGE no, no! Its deceptivley smooth and shiny but this wikid effect is caused by the silicone putting a coating on your hair. This not only stops your treatments and conditioner getting in your hair and doing their job, but it also makes it hard for the colour to get into your hair.

Silicone is usually found in professional and non-professional products. I know! Surprising you'd find it in professional products hey? But it is usually a good quality, short chained, water soluble ingredient. However we have seen serum addiction cause all sorts of problems like: hair colour not lasting, fried hair, weird tones..etc, etc.

Our advice is to use a professional cleansing and styling products on a regular basis to garentee your desired result and using a detox shampoo once a week to remove build ups from the hair. (i know it sounds wanky and salesy but unfortunatley its the truth..)


Pool chlorine and pool salts:

Chlorine needs to be extremely strong to kill germs and is not good for your hair at all. Not only does it build up on the hair leaving it feeling slimy when wet and staw like when dry but it also prevents anything like conditioner from penetrating the hair. Chlorine also makes your hair tangly and hair to brush without breaking the hair. And here comes our vanity- it makes your hair green! eeek!!!

Pool salts soak up the moisture from your hair leaving it gritty, tangly and dry. But a styling salt spray is totaly fine. It has different amounts of salt and none of that nasty stuff a pool needs to keep clean.

So now you probably wondering how to prevent this and still lounge by the pool all summer, its simple! Using a leave in-conditioner before you jump in the pool will put a barriar between your hair and the nasty stuff so it has a hard time getting to your hair in the first place.

The next step should be done even with non-swimmers. Using a detox shampoo once a week (or more if needed) will remove the builds-ups of salt, chlorine and dad-to-day pollution and product build up. This stops all the gunk from building up so much that your colours dont work and your hair becomes a nightmare in need of a big chop. No more bad hair days yay!


Why is it hairdressers book 2 to 3 clients at one time?

We book a few clients in at a time so that we are never left with gaps in our day when we could have had another happy client getting their hair done. Once the colour has been applied it will need to sit for up to 45mins before its cooked and ready. This is the time we can apply someone else's colour, and by the time we have applied their colour, your hair will be washed and ready for us to come back and chop it. A bored hairdresser is not what you want working on your head.

Unfortunately, dollars does come into this issue. It is simply not profitable for the business to oporate any other way. If you require one on one service, you would need to look at a cut and colour price being over $500 in todays market. For our clients this is simply not affordable. And most of our gang love the social nature of a visit to Identified Hair.

Is this a salon that will be honest with me?

Totally! No lying if your bum looks big here! ;) If you don't need something we will tell you that you dont need it, and if you do need something, we will tell you! It's not in our best interest nor yours to be untruthfull to you or sell you products or services that wont work for your look or your lifestyle.

Do you like long hair at Identified Hair?

Yes! All kinds of hair is welcome at Identified Hair! Long hair is beautiful and need the right TLC to keep it looking like a goddess's. The amazing natural products we use will have your hair the envy of all your friends!

What is the difference between slices and weaved foils?

Weaved foils give a very soft and natural effect to colouring, the regrowth isnt too obvious and the colour grows out softly. Multiple colours blend together giving variation and depth in a way that looks flawlessly natural.

Slices are very versatile. They are great for extreme, bold statement and creative colours all the way to soft natural everyday looking colours. Slices can also colour more of the hair than weaves so if you are trying to go lighter its a great technique to achieve the result in fewer appointments.

Is anyone good at cutting curly hair at Identified Hair?

Yes! The staff are not only highly trained with different types of hair but a few of us have curly hair ourselves, so we are used to the problems of dealing with it on a daily basis. Curly hair really does have a mind of its own. We understand the importance of having curly hair cut correctly and love to get feedback.


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