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Dario Chicco at Voi Haircuts

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The Diamant Hotel Suite 710, 2-14 Kings Cross Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011

Also Services: Darlinghurst, Paddington, Potts Point, and Sydney CBD

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Business Overview

Sartorial "Tailored" Haircuts.


4 Customer Reviews

Dario at Voi Haircuts is the best hair cutter in Sydney. I have a really hectic schedule of modelling shoots, product launches and opening nights and I have to look my absolute best if I'm not going to be ridiculed by my peers and humiliated on twitter etc. Dario always delivers a great result and it is such a pleasure not to be crimped and frazzled, blow dried to death and back and be forced to listen to thumping rap and dance music at the same time.
For a long time I have had the idea that I can look like the film star I secretly harbour in my heart. I want to feel like the red carpet moment all the time. I was so happy then when finally I have found the man who can deliver. One of my favourite things about Dario is he keeps his appointment times. Dario is Voi so it's never that horrible noise o chatting hairdressers and noisy hair dryers. Thanks Dario.
Hey Dario, I just wanted to give you a review for being such a brilliant cutter over the last few years. I haven't had a bad hair day for ages and I know that with your cuts I will always look amazing whilst having manageablity. Thanks a million. Chelsea x
I don't think people know about this site, hence the dearth of comments. I've stumbled upon it by chance. Of course Dario being Dario, doesn't tell anyone. Not one for self-promotion that one. He's been cutting my hair for 20 years. My latest appointment was yesterday, 17/12/2010. Until I found Dario, my experiences (with two exceptions, one in London, one in Sydney - he retired) had always followed the same pattern. Hair looked good until the first wash. I'm not handy with brush, hairdryer and products, so could never recreate the look, even remotely, until the next visit to the salon. The way Dario cuts my hair, makes it so easy for me to keep it looking good and the cuts last. So, don't go to Dario if you want that obvious "fresh-out-of-the salon- styled-bonded-look". If you want a great cut that's right for your hair and face shape, easy to maintain and style, he's your man. Don't ever retire, Dario. Thank you.

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Dario Chicco

Dario Chicco


Hair Cutter


Dario Chicco is one of Sydney's most respected haircutters. He has worked and continues to work with some of Australia's biggest names in the music, arts and business world. His technique is hair sculpture and freestyle hair cutting. He is not interested in destoying your hair with heat or chemicals. Dario is a pure old school hair cutter with a contempory sensibility.



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Eric Hewitson , King Cross

Hey Dario,

Just wanted to give you a digital vote of thanks for keeping me looking cooler than I actually am. It's working a treat.




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Dario Haircut

No brush, no colours, no perms, no products......