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Address: Shop1 28 Gladstone Rd Highgate Hill QLD 4101

Also Services: Brisbane

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My salon is open Wednesday - Saturday, however, I can be contacted by email on Monday and Tuesday regarding any hair appointment,or you can as well send me a text message regarding any hair appointments or prices regarding what you are looking at having done...

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24 October, 2013
Jean-Lou is a fabulous hairdresser who is passionate about his profession and the service he provides to his customers. Not only does he do great hair, he provides genuine, practical advice as to what style and colour or treatments will serve you best. He does not sell you services or products you don't need or want. I am absolutely certain he gains as much satisfaction about me walking out the door feeling like a million dollars as he does about getting paid for his work. I've been going to Jean-Lou for years and have ALWAYS been incredibly happy with what he does for me. I can not recommend Jean-Lou highly enough.
Chignon 10 August, 2015

Hi there Shannon,

so sorry for the very long delay to respond to your beautiful review and would like to thank you and been happy looking after you ever since your 1st visit and for many years to come and i do hope to keep all the ladies happy with the service i have to offer at Chignon.


30 October, 2012
Jean-Lou is the most amazing hairdresser I have ever met... Everything he says in his introduction is the honest truth.. Truly amazing hairdresser... N Tasha is also an amazing cutter... Be sure to pop in and see them...
19 May, 2012
After years of battling with dodgy, overpriced, 'know it all' hairdressers, who gave me burned, damaged, dry hair i simply gave up and started messing with my hair on my own. Of course i messed it even more, than Jean-Lou came into my life. Not only he fixed my red color into beautiful caramel blonde, but he made me believe that there are generous hairdressers who actually know what they doing. I would recommend Jean-Lou to anyone. Thank you for making me smile again and being proud of my hair.
12 March, 2012
I have very fine and quite difficult hair to cut. I have been going to Jean-Lou for a number of years after a recommendation from a friend. He has cut and styled my hair both long and short and does an amazing job. I had previously gone to a number of other hairdressers including very expensive ones in the city. Some were good, many were not, but they all charged 2-3+ times the price that Jean-Lou does for cut and foils and the end result was usually not as good. He's friendly, personable and doesn't try to upsell with a heap of products that you don't need or won't work for you. My only hesitation in recommending him is that I want to keep him for myself!
27 August, 2011
After having a year from hell with my hair i finally have found a hair dresser that is amazing... Aprox a year ago i went from platinum blonde long healthy hair to dark brown hair. I decided to have a change and was looking at getting caramel or brown foils thru. Made the mistake of going to Stefans and they convinced me to make a drastic change and go chocolate brown... Well i hated the change cried for weeks and left my hair for 4-6 months. Well i went back to Stefans to get it re done and they turned it black the next time which is the opposite of my achievement of wanting to go lighter. So began my hair dressing search to find a hair dresser that could colour correct and get me back to blonde. Well 6 hair dressers later and some horrible horrible experiences leaving me out of pocket thousands of dollars and severely damaged shoulder length mousy brown hair now i have finally found an amazing hair dresser in Brisbane that deserves to be talked up. I can highly recommend Jean lou from Chignon high gate hill Brisbane. With one appointment with him he was able to get my hair back to a natural pretty blonde with caramel and platinum blonde foils. He does only one on one consolations not like other salons where u have 3-5 hair dressers doing your hair running between clients. He sat with me for 30 minutes discussing options including on going costs, health of my hair and long term goals of what i would like my hair to look like. He was amazing he listened and gave me what i wanted. He was honest and told me if things could not be achieved but did not belittle me like other hair dressers i have dealt with in the last six months. Not only was he an amazing hair dresser not once did he try and sell me a hair product, he was more intent on being a hair dresser not being a sales hair product rep. He did not bully me into an expensive hair treatment like every other hair dresser i have seen who has told me if i didnt get one of there $20 -$30 treatments my hair would snap off ect... instead he said exact quote " I dont charge efor treatments i believe my clients should leave feeling great and if it costs me 50c to put a salon treatment thru i will do it at no cost" now what hair dresser out there would say that now a days.... All i can say is if you live in Brisbane and need a good honest hair dresser for blonde hair i can highly recommend jean lou.... Please do urself a favour and book in with him i waited 2 weeks to get in but he is well worth the wait.. And it cost about $140 for full head of foils there was no hidden extra i thought that very reasonable in price considering other salons have charged me up to $450 in the past 6 months for a full head..
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Jean-lou owner fully qualified with 30 years experience October 2013.





CHIGNON Meticulous hair

CHIGNON Meticulous hair.


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Thank you Jean-Lou for such a fantastic colour and cut! It was a wonderful experience!


Absolutely the best cut and colour I've ever had!

Chignon Meticulous Hair , Highgate Hill
If you want to know more about the service and the kind of work i do you can find Blogs about it on Vogue Forum,Facebook,and Truelocal.
CHIGNOn Meticulous Hair , Highgate Hill
You can find testimonials about the work and service my clients gets from CHIGNON on Vogue forums,facebook and True local.

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Is it expensive to have your hair done by me???. I do a free consultation by appointment for people who want to know what i can do to make their life easier and uncomplicated and then i can give you a definite price of what your hair services will cost you from there and then for you to decide if you're happy to go ahead with it or not.