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Che Che Hairdressing

Address: 225 Grant St Ballarat VIC 3350


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6 October, 2011
I have been getting my haircut at Che Che's for several years now, the staff are always friendly, make a note to remember things about you. You go in and are treat like a VIP - I rate their customer service skills at 10 out of 10. Recently I called in to make appointment to have hair trimmed, as I work full time and dont get off until 5pm, Charles the owner made appointment for next day for 5pm, with my regular hairdresser, the next morning she called me to apoligise as she had a physio appt at that time and fitted me in the next day at the same time, even though she generally finishes at 5pm. I was made to feel welcome and had my hair trimmed, styled it looked great and i felt great. As always :)
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