Women's Summer Haircuts

Summer is fast approaching. Are you ready for it? You may have packed your bikini, but you aren’t set for the sizzling season until you have the right haircut! To help you decide, here are the hottest haircuts that you can try.

Beach waves

When one of your girlfriends says she wants beach waves, she’s not referring to the seaside—even if you’re in the middle of summer. "Beach waves" is that look that you give your hair, like you’ve been out in the beach all day. To get those waves, here’s what you need to do:

  • Apply any hair-volumising product into your roots.
  • Put styling cream at your hair's ends and twist it several times.
  • Blow-dry your hair by holding the dryer over your head and a few inches from your hair.
  • Wrap each curled bunch of hair with a curling iron.
  • You can even add a fishtail braid for a more unique look.

Side-swept curls

This hairdo never goes out of style, but if you want an updated version, add volume and texture. To achieve extra volume, use volumising shampoo and conditioner when showering, and then use thickening/styling products like mousse afterwards. You can also use a curling iron, hair dryer, hot rollers and even an electric fan to add body and texture to your hair.


When you say summer, women think ponytails. It keeps hair out of the eyes and the neck, which is great when the weather is scorching hot. For an extra-stylish kick, put on a pair of trendy earrings and make your eyes pop with winged eyeliner.

Fishtail braid

You know what’s great about the fishtail braid? You don’t need any extensions to get it done. All it takes is medium-length hair and you’re good to go. It also keeps you cool during summer, and looks great for both casual and formal occasions. After tying the braid, place something pretty at the end as an accent.

Low back braid

Everybody’s worn a side braid at one time or another, but have you ever tried one at the back? To make your low back braid even more different, try a fishtail braid, French braid, or whatever other plait you can think of. To make your hair easier to braid, apply dry shampoo.

Side-parted chignon

A chignon is a knot of hair arranged at the back of your head. Like braids, chignons are great to help you keep cool during the summer. To get that knockout Charlize Theron look, place the part in your hair on the side of your head. Don’t forget the bright-coloured lipstick.

Long frizz

We’ve always been trying to tame frizzy hair, but did you know that the long frizz is actually all the rage? In fact, it actually takes a while to get the frizz just right:

  • Apply volumising mousse to your hair.
  • Twist sections of your hair.
  • Put clips on the twisted sections.
  • Leave the clips on overnight.
  • Next day, remove the clips from your hair.
  • Position your hair upside down.
  • Lightly comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Apply hairspray to your upside down hair.

Short frizz

If you find the long frizz a bit too hot literally, then go for a short frizz, which is actually much easier to achieve and maintain, as long as you have matte styling products.