Things to Avoid with Hair

Everybody loves to have beautiful hair but many are not aware how to achieve it. It's not that complicated, you just have to be careful on what you use on your hair. Here are some few things to avoid getting that beautiful healthy hair:

  • Tying your hair or braiding it tightly. Do you remember what the old people used to tell us when we were young? That if you braid or tie your hair too tight, the roots of your hair will be pulled and that's the trick to increase the length of your hair? But in actual fact, it pulls out the roots and your hair weakens. Eventually, you will face a problem of hair loss.
  • Styling wet hair. At least give your hair 10min after shower before doing anything with it. Never blow dry, brush, or applying any products to wet air. Blow-drying wet hair dries moisture from your hair and brushing it wet breaks it. Make sure you towel-dry wet hair 'til it is damp, only then you could style it. 
  • Hair in the sun. Yes, it is always good to bathe under the sun, but this is the last thing the hair needs - excessive sun exposure. It makes the hair dry and more brittle. If you want to sunbathe or you're always under the sun, apply a heat or UV protection spray on your hair and condition often.
  • Brushing coarsely. Many of us brush our hair coarsely, especially when they are badly tangled, which isn't good for the hair and scalp. Never rush while brushing your hair. You have to brush it down slowly and gently with firm strokes. As you remove tangles, you also spread your hair's natural oils evenly within your hair and there will be balanced flow of blood to the scalp. As a result, you get a clean and clear scalp!
  • Wrong choice of products. It is quite natural for women to be enticed by advertisements for various beauty and hair products and will end up trying them all out. But you have to be careful on what you put on your hair, not all products will do well. Hair is delicate and gets damaged easily if the selected product is not appropriate. Choose a shampoo and a conditioner that adapts to your hair type. Though, it has always been best to go with natural products like coconut oil instead of products containing harsh chemicals. 
  • Cheap hair color products. The use of cheap hair color products can just damage your hair as well as the scalp, to an extent that you hair may fall out. It is always best to seek advice from your trusted hairdresser regarding the color product that goes well with your hair type. Always do the preliminary test before applying and product on your hair. You may be allergic to the chemicals contained in the product. 
  • Too much use of hair equipments. Avoid using flat irons or iron curlers all the time. It's not right to give your hair too much heat, this makes it dehydrated and brittle.

Stated above are the most common hair blunders. Just keep in mind the do’s and don’ts and to know what products are good for your hair, ask around or if you’re unsure, you can always ask your hairdresser.