The Perfect Curls

Curly hair has always been a part of the ever changing trends that are occurring in this modern age and time. Although there are times wherein certain hair trends suggest that curly hair is “seasonal” – meaning that it could be “in” for a specific time of the year but could also be “passé” when the fashion industry dictates that short, fringed, and straight hairstyles ought to be donned – individuals may still look glamorous as long as they know how to style their hair appropriately.

Those who are blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair only have minimal problems when it comes to styling in contrast to those who need to go to the salon and get their hair curled using chemical solutions, or even going through the tedious act of using a curling iron or a bunch of rollers just to achieve desired results. Although there are downsides when it comes to using hair chemicals and hair instruments that emit heat, one should take precautionary measures to avoid total hair damage. The last thing you need is experiencing hair fall, getting dandruff, split ends, and the like.

Here are a couple of helpful hints to help you get the perfect curls whilst protecting your hair from future damages at the same time:

If you have naturally curly hair

a. Shampoo your hair. Do not use conditioner because by doing so, the ringlets that you will be making would not have enough “staying power.”

b.On damp hair, apply a light gel or mousse, or any hair styling product of your choice. Use the tips of your fingers to evenly distribute the product. Make sure that every hair strand is coated from the root to the tip. You may also opt to section your hair using hair clamps or bobby pins so it would be easier to work your way from one part to the other.

c. Twirl a lock of your hair on your finger and roll it all the way up to the scalp. Wait for a few seconds, and then carefully release the hair from your finger. Repeat this step on the other sections of your hair that you would want to curl.

If you have straight hair

*Note: Do not go straight to the salon and ask your hairdresser to give you permanent curls. Trying a curly hairstyle using a curling iron is highly advised because it will also let you decide if either permanent or temporary curls are for you.

a. Apply an ample amount of heat protecting product on your hair, making sure that all the strands are coated evenly.

b. Get your curling iron and preheat it.

c. Divide your hair into four sections and use hair clamps or bobby pins to secure those that you aren’t working on yet.

d. Starting from the back section of your head, wrap a lock of your hair on the curling iron. Start from the tips and slowly roll it all the way up, leaving a space half an inch or so between the scalp and the iron. Wait for a few seconds before releasing your hair from the curling lock. (You may also use gloves to prevent your hand from absorbing too much heat from the instrument and your freshly curled lock as well.) Repeat this step on the other sections.

e. Once you are done, gently use your fingers to stretch the curly locks that you have created until you achieve your desired look.

f. Use a hair serum to avoid fizz and to also make your locks look luscious.

g. For extra hold, use a medium-strength hair spray and spray it all over your hair.