Haircuts 2012: Best Styles for Every Face Shape

Did you know that a well-made haircut can still look like a catastrophe if it’s done on the wrong face shape? Haircuts are supposed to understate one’s imperfections and flatter your attractive features. To help you choose the best hairstyle for your face shape, here are several dos and don’ts you should pay attention to.

Round face shape

If you have a round face, avoid haircuts that add width to the sides of your head (e.g. bobbed cut); this will make your face look wider. The trick here is to go for hairdos with height or length to make your face appear narrower. For a better look, your hair should stay close to your cheeks. You can also try a style that parts in the middle, giving the illusion of length.

Avoid short layers; these will make your face seem rounder. A layered do can still work; just make sure the layers are long (i.e. up to your earlobes, at least). You can also have a short haircut, but it has to add height.

Square face shape

The hallmark of a square face is the strong jawline. Square-shaped faces look great on photographs! Just make sure you have the right hairstyle for it. The best choice: wear it long—it’ll soften that jawline. Don’t forget to add side-swept bangs; this will add an oblique angle to your face that will diminish the overall squareness.

You can still have short hair like a bob, as long as it has wispy ends. However, you must avoid solid and straight bangs, even with a long hairstyle because this would emphasise your jawline.

Heart face shape

A face is heart-shaped when the person’s cheekbones and forehead are wide, but the jawline is tapered. This can be balanced by long side-swept bangs. Whatever you do, do not allow your bangs to be cut short or blunt if you have a heart-shaped face. If you want a style with height, make sure its overall length is at least shoulder-level.

Generally, you need to avoid haircuts that put emphasis on the upper part of your face (e.g. heavy bangs, short bangs, anything that adds width).

Diamond face shape

A diamond-shaped face has wide cheekbones, and a narrow forehead and jawline. People with this face shape need to minimise the cheekbones and add more width at the chin area. Because of this, chin-length bobbed cuts are absolutely perfect. You can also try side-parted hairstyles, straight, eye-level bangs, and medium-length wispy hairdos. Just avoid short haircuts with no hair on the neck and the sides of the chin.

Oblong shape face

Oblong-shaped faces are long faces. If you have an oblong face, you’ll have to diminish the length and add more width. You can go layered to add body and width, or try bobbed cuts, chin-length hair and straight eye-level bangs. Stay away from hairstyles that add height on the top of your head, or anything with no bangs.

Oval face shape

Do you have an oval face shape? Then congratulations! It means you can wear practically any hairstyle—whether it’s long, layered, bobbed, pixie cut or with bangs, your face would look good with it. Choose what you want to accentuate; for instance, if you have pretty eyes, try something with side-swept bangs. You’ll also have to consider your type of hair—if your hair is curly, avoid short styles.

Triangular face shape

A triangular face is similar to a square-shaped one, except for the forehead. Triangle-faced people have a narrow forehead and cheekbones. Because of this, layered hairdos are ideal to minimise the strong jawline. You’ll have to avoid haircuts that highlight your chin or come with a similar triangular shape. Short hair is generally better than long hair.