Protecting Your Hair from the Summer Sun

You use sun block or sunscreen on your skin on hot days, right? So why not use something on your hair as well? It is also important to shield your hair from the harsh sun.

You may feel the sun heating your skin as you bathe under the sun, but you don't feel and notice that it also harms your hair. Too much exposure to the rays of the sun can break down the proteins in your hair, making it dull and brittle and causing your highlights to fade.

During summer, protect your hair from sun damage, chlorine, wind, salty sea water and dehydration. Protect your hair this summer with these easy prevention tips to let you have fun in the sun without regretting it later:

Preventing Sun Damage

The first step to save your hair is to protect it from the harsh sun. It dehydrates your hair, causing it to get dry and brittle. Protect your hair with a UV protection spray for maximum protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Deep Conditioning

Condition your hair regularly to retain maximum moisture and prevent hair breakage. So once you bathe under the sun, it wouldn't dehydrate your hair and damage it. Use a deep moisturizer or a hair mask once a week to lock in moisture. Also, you can lather it through your hair before you lounge in the pool or sunbathe.

Defending Your Hair against Pool Chemicals

The pool chemicals are summer spoilers. It can make your hair fade to a shade of green and will make your hair very dry. A simple way to avoid these dilemmas is to apply a hair mask or deep conditioner before diving into the pool. This creates a barrier that blocks the elements from drying out your tresses.

Swimming Cap

It may look less glamorous, but you would look more unglamorous if you don't take this tip into consideration. Always wear a swim cap when you are going to have a swim on a very hot day. This protects your hair from getting too much sun. You can also use a scarf or a hat when you’re just walking around the beach, this protects you scalp and your strands.

Natural Highlights

Stay away from alcohol, peroxides and lemon juice. It has been said that these can give you natural highlights, but do not ever take the risk as you will be damaging your hair at the same time.

Give Your Hair a Break

Hair during the summer needs to be treated more gently. Shampoo less often to allow your mane to absorb natural oils. Or consider switching to gentler cleansing methods which won’t dry out sun exposed strands.  And every time you rinse your hair, finish to a cool to cold rinse to seal the hair cuticle and impart natural shimmer.

These tips should help your hair get through the summer heat.