Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for Men in 2012

Long or short? Parted on one side or the other? How short is short? Such is the dilemma of menfolk when deciding what hairstyle to get. Not to worry! To help you in your decision, we’ve compiled the top the top 10 hairstyles for men in 2012.

Bed head

As its name suggests, the bed head hairstyle is supposed to look like you’ve just gotten out of bed, giving it a tousled appearance. What’s great about the bead head is that you can get it right, even on a bad hair day. Any guy can wear the bed head, no matter his face shape. Take note, however, that while the style looks messy, it actually takes a bit of preparation to achieve.


The hairstyle takes its name from Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV. Both men and women have their own variations of the style. For men, the hair is basically slicked back and puffed up on top, while the sides are short but typically have long sideburns. The pompadour became popular during the 1950s, worn by celebrities like Elvis Presley, although it remains trendy even today.


While quiff and pompadour are sometimes interchanged, they are actually different. The quiff is a combination of the pompadour, the flattop, and occasionally, and the Mohawk. Quiffs are usually higher, and sometimes have variations like long hair at the back, or the sides are shaven or cropped.

Short buzz

The short buzz, a style where the hair is closely cropped to the scalp, has always been around and with good reason: it’s easy to maintain, looks great, and feels breezy even during summer. Best of all: you hardly need any shampoo for it.

Double slick

The double slick is when the hair is slicked back and parted in the middle, with each side slicked towards the back. If you want this look, you need to grow your hair longer (to medium length). Just apply gel, and then slick your hair back and to the side using your hands. Easy peasy.


The side-parted hairstyle is a classic. As its name suggests, the hair is parted on the side of the head. To achieve the look, gel is applied, then a small puff is formed at the bangs by combing the hair back and to the side. The sides are then combed back. If you want that Don Draper look, try this style.

Peaked side crop

This is similar to the typical cropped style where the hair is cut really close the scalp. The difference is that the hair is thicker up top. Just apply a hair styling product with matte finish, then blow dry your hair and comb your crown upwards and to either side of your head. It’s easy to style, a cinch to maintain, and looks terrific.


The Mohawk has been around for a really long time. It was originally associated with punk rockers, but now, everyone has one. The classic Mohawk is worn with the sides of the head shaved and with a spike in the middle. There have been variations like the faux hawk where the sides aren’t shaved, and a reverse Mohawk where in place of the spike in the middle is a shaved strip on the forehead.

Long hair

Interestingly, the term "long hair" is relative, depending on culture. In our society, if the guy’s hair is as long as a woman’s (i.e. typically at least chin-length), then it’s considered long. It’s not easy to grow it this long since there’s an awkward phase when it’s really thick but not long enough. Long hair isn’t easy to maintain either since you’ll have to deal with split ends. However, styling is really easy and the do looks fantastic.


The spiked hairdo hasn’t really gone away—it sort of just evolved. There are styles with spiked hair up top, and there are others that look like a mix of faux hawk and spiked hair. Whatever variation, you need a considerable amount of gel to keep your hair standing on end.