Hair Colour FAQs

Q: How do I choose the right hair colour?
A: There are so many factors to consider when choosing hair colour, but the most basic considerations would be your skin colour.

  • If you have pale skin, you can go for pretty much any hair colour.
  • However, if you have very pale skin, avoid dark colours or black hair because it makes you look even paler.
  • If you have pink skin, try to stay away from golden blonde or red hues and use ash tones for your hair to counteract your skin colour.
  • If you have olive skin, never go for hair colour lighter than your skin because it would look fake. Choose darker hair colours instead.
  • If you have yellow skin, avoid orange, yellow or gold hues and use cool dark brown and deep red tones.

Q: I can��t seem to decide between two shades. Do I go for the darker or lighter shade?
A: Go for the lighter shade first. After colouring your hair, a darker shade can��t be easily lightened, but a lighter shade can easily be darkened in case you change your mind.

Q: How often should I colour my hair?
A: Typically, you can colour your hair once per month or every 45 days, but it really depends on several factors:

  • How quickly your hair regrows.
  • The type of hair treatment you're using.
  • The amount of grey hair you have.
  • The intensity of your dyed tone.

The quicker your hair grows or the more grey hair you have, the more frequent you should colour your hair.

Q: Should I colour my hair at home or at a hair salon?
A: It depends. If your hair is extremely damaged or if you want hair colour that��s more than a couple of shades away from your natural hair colour, go to a hair salon.

Q: Should I shampoo my hair before colouring it?
A: You should wait for at least 24 hours from your last shampooing before colouring your hair. Your hair and scalp��s natural oils serve as natural protection for your hair when it��s being coloured.

Q: How many boxes of hair colour should I buy?
A: If your hair is up to your chin in length, one box should suffice. If your hair is longer, you need at least a couple of boxes.

Q: Can I mix hair dyes to make my own custom hair colour?
A: Don��t. You wouldn��t be able to predict the resulting colour. In fact, following the instructions to the letter for one colour doesn��t guarantee the same results, much less a combination with other hair dyes.

Q: How do I keep my hair colour from fading?
A: Here are a few tips to lengthen the life of your colour-treated hair:

  • Wear a hat or stay out of the sun.
  • Avoid washing your hair with chlorinated water.
  • Use a strong brand of hair dye.
  • Don't wash your hair too often
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for colour-treated hair. It can actually extend the life of your hair colour by a couple of weeks or so.