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Finding a Great Hairdresser

It's important to be well informed and ask the right questions to work out if a hairdresser will be able to provide you with a service that you will love. While you may have the best hairdresser in town, it doesn't always mean that he or she will work best for your needs.

Do your internet research is an informative website to gain insight into what types of hairdressing salons are available and what services they offer. Use a search engine to find a hairdresser in your region or to find the sort of hairdresser you need, for example, a barber, a colourist or a hairdresser who specialises in cutting minors' hair.

Get yourself a consultation before you book

Consultations are usually free, but to be sure you might like to ask. At your consultation, you may like to dress how you normally do so your hairdresser can gauge a sense of your style.

You may also like to bring along pictures of hairstyles and colours. If any of your choices will not suit your face shape and colouring, your hairdresser may be able to provide you with alternatives.

Inform your stylist about your hair habits such as if you have to wear it up for work or sport, and how much time you are prepared to put into hair maintenance each day.

If you are unsure about any terms that your hairdresser has used, ask him or her to explain what they mean.

On the opposite side of the coin, make sure that your hairdresser understands what you mean and what you want.

Be aware about the different styles and colours that are available and what styles and colours suit your face shape and skin colour.

Choose a well-informed hairdresser

You want a hairdresser who has comprehensive knowledge about hair and knows what they are talking about. A good hairdresser is one who has solid knowledge about health-related hair topics and can recognise hair conditions and abnormalities on the skin, hair or scalp.

Book your appointment during a quiet period and in the mornings

Try to avoid booking your appointment during late afternoon and in the evenings, and Saturdays. These times are the busiest and your hairdresser is more rushed. Your hairdresser may not be able to spend as much time as they would have had it been quiet. You hairdresser's energy is also not at its optimum by the end of the day.

Listen to your friends

Your friends can often be the most informative source for finding a great hairdresser. Your friends won't recommend a service they think you wouldn't like. And if you are on the same wavelength as a friend who makes a recommendation, you can trust your friend's opinion as you value what they have to say.

You get what you pay for

Top hairdressers charge high prices because they provide an exceptional service. However hairdressers who don't charge much cannot perform at their best as they need to cut corners, such as on training or not allowing enough time to provide you with a great service, to be able to make money.

Key to having a haircut you will fall in love with, is discovering a hairdresser who is passionate about their trade and providing customers with exceptional service.

Australia's Hair Expo 2009 Hairdresser of the Year winner, Caterina Di Biase from Melbourne's Heading Out Hair salons speaks about the importance of good hairdressing: "We've just opened a new training academy," she says. "It's important to me, to raise the standard of hairdressing in Australia and to encourage young people in the industry."

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